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A Sunshine Distancing

Sunshine is rounding the corner, and Spring is finally here!

For the many sufferers of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) this Winter, it is a nice and welcoming change of season as far too many of us are still stuck inside, and social distancing. This month we are focusing on positive vibes and embracing our sun’s vitamin D (with sunscreen, of course).

Here are some friendly tips for enjoying the outdoors and social distancing in style:

If you’re over walking round the same park, try having an outdoor fashion show!

We really want to emphasize how imperative it is to maintain socially distancing in your community, to help stop the spread while vaccines are still underway.  Nonetheless, we also know that the change in season can bring on a whole new wardrobe and attitude about one's self image! Maybe you’re someone feeling more apprehensive about putting on the fishnet tights with that denim dress you loved from last summer; or perhaps you feel less motivated to dress up in general, from being locked inside for so long. Well without further ado, here is your personal letter of approval to get out there and strut your stuff in whatever makes you feel good.

*Social Distancing Tip: Make a group chat to plan out where everyone will be meeting (large park, beach, river) and designate stations for distanced photographers along the runway path for each person. 

**Tag us @alienoutfitters on instagram to show us your favorite styles!

Do a solo self care photo shoot in the blooming flowers!

If you’re feeling yourself and want to treasure your newest Cosplay Sailor Set, try a solo shoot with your local blooms! Spring is a magical time with a wonder of wildflowers all around the country ready to spread joy to all who see them. 

*Tell us what flowers you found in your neighborhood by tagging us @alienoutfitters 

Walk barefoot in a field of grass!

Whether you are someone who fancies reading in a park or bring out a basket of bread, cheeses, and wine to watch the sunset, feeling the warming green grass under the soles have been proven to improve your overall mood. As if quarantine wasn't difficult enough, this long winter has made many people feel evermore isolated and disconnected from things that bring them happiness in life. Mother Nature has the next best cure with her welcoming plains of green medicine, to induce feelings of grounding and comfort no matter what day you’re having. 

*Let us know in the comments or on Instagram what books you are reading this Spring!

Whatever your outdoor pleasure entails, we hope that this new season of heat and sunshine bring as much positive vibes as you all give us, every single day.

Stay sparkling hotties ;)



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