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Conventional Beauty Standards Are Killing Your Vibe

We see it all the time. Photoshopped bodies, unrealistic beauty standards, and algorithms catering to the 'deal' look. A constant attack on what we should and shouldn’t look like, is a dissertation beyond a single blog post. 

Comparison really is the thief of joy

It is likely that you have lied to, for the majority of your life when it comes to interpreting what standard of “external beauty, can be defined. The truth is, everything is simply beautiful. Every living thing and every living creature holds an external beauty within them, no matter how we perceive them. External beauty can fit the mold of what we are taught as “conventional beauty” or something entirely polarizing. Without this polarity or even minimally going against the grain of the conventional, there couldn’t be room for growth.  This being said, it is incredibly important to remember that no matter what your style is or how you decide to dress yourself up, there is no right or wrong way. All is acceptable. 

Dressing for your taste- not society’s 

Bringing attention to oneself can be intimidating, especially for the few of us shy creatures. However it goes without saying that how one decides to dress is truly none of anyone else’s business, and shouldn’t really matter in the first place.  When eying those leather belts or fishnet tights to go with your new black mini skirt on Alien Outfitters, try not to worry too much on how you think others will react to your taste of fashion, and think first about what items of clothing will bring you the most joy in wearing. Remember this journey to self love is about embracing who you are, despite the haters waiting on standby to ruin others’ day.  Forget them and listen to your inner voice and do you boo boo


A letter from us to you:

Dear Baelien, 

You are more than enough. Your flesh is your power battery to life, but in no way a defining trait to who you really are in your soul. You are beautiful in every way, just as you are. I know that it is easy to worry and think negatively of yourself with all of the constant misinformation about beauty, that breeds comparison from our media; but I can promise you that comparison is just the draining of joy. Joy is what encompasses us as we experience life on our terms- a feeling of wholeness and pure happiness for the present. What we feel naturally cannot come from a place of imitating a false reality, so be the you that you naturally are. Accent your individuality as you see fit, with infuses of intention of satisfying yourself. You are not the universe's creature that is designed to be a copy, but a creature of the universe to express your ultimate self. You are you and that is your power.


Your Baelien Family


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