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Embracing Your Inner Alien

Welcome home to a place where you can be yourself without the fear of judgement from people who don’t even know you. Hello fellow Aliens, this is your planet now, so feel free to embrace your weird

Today’s lesson: How to Handle People That Judge You 

First of all, anyone who feels so inclined to take the time and energy out of their day to talk shit about you, is just jealous of what you have.  No one with a life and a full schedule has that kind of free time to be an asshole.  Not to mention,  just think about the kind of day that that person is having, where they are so charged with negativity that they need an outlet like you to let some of that steam out.  Feel bad for them, and get on with your badass self. 

Weird is cool! 

What makes you weird to one person, could hold the potential for the next best innovation of our lifetime. As a society, we love to look up to famous people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who created technology that changed how we live forever, but we often don't take into account the amount of negativity and adversity they had to overcome when they started. Average minds think in average ways and what constitutes as “weird,” is really just unique and embodies out-of-the-box thinking. 

Remember that the root of your uniqueness is the source of your power. Many people want to believe that their faults in life are what hinder them, when really it could be the secret to your greatest strength.  Maybe your way of thinking holds the key to seeing a problem in a new light that leads to its solution.  Or perhaps the creative way you presented a presentation, captured the eye of a major investor that could launch a new empire with your ideas. Don’t underestimate the power your weird can have on shifting the current reality of limited perspective. 

You are perfect in your weirdness, so keep on being you. 


Fellow Extraterrestrial


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