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Practicing Self Care In Stressful Times

It’s no secret that the past year has hit many of us Baelien’s, harder than usual; especially in the mental health department. In troubling times it is always best to focus inward and create a self care plan, if you haven’t already. 

Self care is sometimes demonized for taking more “selfish” acts of spoiling oneself, but really it’s just as important as getting enough sleep, and fueling your body with nutritious food. Self care can be anything from a doings your favorite craft like knitting, baking a new scone recipe, or even playing a video game. There is no shame or guilt in taking charge of your physical and mental health by doing things that bring you joy. 

Here are just a few social distancing friendly things you can do, on your self care days.

Take a walk in nature 

It sounds very cliche, but who doesn’t like seeing those forest aesthetics on Pinterest? Why not experience them first hand and breathe in that fresh- earthy air. This may also be beneficial if you have a lot on your mind and need time to be one with your thoughts. 

Take a lavender and Epsom Salt Bath

Lavender is commonly known for its soothing, relaxing effects and can even improve your mood and sleep.  Epsom salt, won over by athletes around the world, is not only a muscle recovery mineral, but it’s also high in magnesium and can provide relief from bloating and build up in the digestive tract. Pair these two together with a candle and a book, and you are set for an evening of bliss.

Talk to a loved one

For many of us, we are forced to be distant from the people we love, to keep everyone safe. This doesn’t help on days when we’re feeling down and isolated already, so it may be time to schedule out that FaceTime date with your best friend or family member. 

Clean your space

Cleaning is typically not an exciting self care activity that first comes to mind, but who can object to the incredible feeling of accomplishment and peace after a deep clean? With the exception of those who feel stress or pressure tied to the activity, tidying up like Marie Kondo in the safe haven of your room or reading nook can have physical benefits lIke releasing dopamine (the happy hormone). Not to mention, who doesn’t love coming home to well made bed?

Move Your Body 

This doesn’t even have to mean exercise per say, moving your body can mean you get up and stretch or do a little dance (maybe even a TikTok dance).  Movement releases the hormone serotonin which induces the feeling of happiness, mental clarity and mood stability. 

No matter how you choose to treat yourself on your self care days, remember that you are totally worth the hype! You deserve every moment of peace and joy that comes from doing whatever feels good for you. 

Happy self care weekend Baelien’s!


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