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The Confidence Mantra

At Alien Outfitters, we love to embrace all diversity, from our supporters and all beyond, to the ends of the universe. Our community is filled with incredible creatures of beauty far and wide, but sometimes we hear of a few extra terrestrials feeling hesitant to go out and strut their stuff. Fear not, sweet aliens, we have been there too and we want to help empower you as you are.

Confidence in these times of uncertainty, isolation, and overstimulated social media is a difficult thing to manage.  So with this in mind, the AO family wants to invite you to try this confidence mantra for whenever you are feeling down about yourself. 

“I am beautiful. 

I am brave. 

I am worthy, 

And I am strength.

There is no one like me and that is my power,

No matter the circumstance, 

No matter the tower

There is no other me to do me like I can,

So here I am world, 

Here I stand,

Only I have the opportunity to harness this truth

And the truth is that I am no less than proof

Of my intelligence

My worthiness

My kindness and my love,

As I smile and I strut

I will always be more than enough,

Even if enough seems like more than I can handle,

I will rise to the occasion,

And I will light up like a candle. 

I cannot be broken down

I am all that I will be ever be, 

And being Me is more than enough

To me.”

We love you beautiful extraterrestrials! Remember to keep being you :)


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