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5 Ways To Fit Your Alien Aesthetic

Everyone has an inner extraterrestrial in them that seeks self-expression from time to time. We came up with a few tips that are alien-approved to let your freaky flag fly.

Colorful Lipstick
If there’s one thing that seems to be synonymous with the alien paradigm and perspective (by that,
we mean ‘how people see aliens’), it is color. That being said, if you’re looking to explore the alien aesthetic,
color is one thing that you just can’t hide from. And what better way to add a little color to your general
ensemble than with lipstick? There’s nothing subtle about a colored lip, but that’s okay because your
style is far from subtle. We suggest trying black, green, blue, or purple. Try experimenting with a
silver shimmer top to enhance your bold look.

Neon Nails
Set those talons free. We suggest a holographic, glitter, or green shade to bring out your inner alien.
Go long and strong when approaching the length. All you need is a nail file in your space bag to keep those fingers nice and sharp!

Go for Holographic Shoes
Throw away the Adidas sneakers and go for holographic shoes . Holographic shoes are necessary to
show off your alien aesthetic. Pair with a matching back pack and you’re abduction-ready!

Wear Your Hair in an Alien Bun, or Two
Let’s admit it, your head is something that makes you human. Generally speaking, since you can’t
change the shape of head to an alien,, you can at least start with the hair. The best part of styling your
hair is the level of uniqueness you can create. Alien buns come in all shapes and sizes. All you need to
do is place your hair in one or two buns, smack dab on top of your noggin’. We suggest using a shiny
or sparkly green hair-tie. 

Glitter, Lots of It
Getting your clothes to look alien-esque isn’t enough. You also need to throw glitter on top. To match
your colorful lipstick and holographic shoes, try adding a little glitter to your face, hair, and body. A little goes a long way, but there is never too much!



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