Meet The Team

Whether we are casting spells, raiding thrift stores,
or chillin' in the studio, we aliens at Alien Outfitters
Alien Outfitters are the supreme
dream team of extraterrestrial existence.


Meet The Maker 
(Cult Leader & CEO)

I'm Ana, born on the moon and raised on planet Earth. I like long walks on the Internet and consider playing dress-up a career choice. Lisa Frank is my spirit animal and helping others find their inner goddess is my calling. On a typical Friday night I'm either craving abduction or binging on X-files. Mulder is my daddy.
3 words that best describe me: above and beyond 

Meet Lil Kim 
(Master of Alien Assistance & Clubhouse Organizer) 

 Coming to you from a galaxy far away, I'm Kim, a 22-year-old extraterrestrial, living a human experience. I'm a self-made thousandaire on the rise with my fellow dreamers, free spirits, and their good vibes. I prefer my puns intended and know a thing or two about a thing or two. I consider parallel parking a talent and wonder about the world my free time. 
3 words that describe me: sleepy, sparkly, slay

Meet Lura
(Head of Photography & A Dream Come True)
I'm Lura AKA the blue weirdo. I'm a strong willed Aquarius that marches to the beat of my own drum. Photography is my first love and fashion my second.  If I'm not taking pictures, you can find me beachside with my pup in one hand and a mimosa in the other. My mantra: "Non aver paura di vivere" which means- Don't be afraid to live!
3 words that describe me:  unique compassionate relentless

Meet Kristen
(Commander & Chief of Social Media Nonsense)
 I'm a 24-year-old beach bunny from Forest City, NC who just wants to dance and drink wine. I'm a lover of all things weird and sparkly!  Thrift stores are my home away from home. On my days off I like to make magic with my camera. 
3 words that best describe me: vintage glitter bum

Meet Carol
 (Intern & Creative Writing Wizard)
I'm a 23-year-old Sagittarius finding all types of adventures in this realm. I vibe out and connect whenever possible. What can I say? I am a hippie at heart. Positivity, light, and love take my gypsy spirit wherever it wants to go. 
3 words that describe me: optimistic, wanderlust, free


Meet Allison
 (Cult Candy & Barbie At Will)

Hey y'all I'm Allison a 23-year-old country girl born and raised in the small town of Cramerton, NC. You can find me on my snowboard, at real estate school, or in almost all the product photos at I'm on the pursuit of happiness and use my sunshine to make a difference in this world. I say dope too much, I'll never turn down a cold beer, and feel the most comfortable in front of the camera. 
3 words that describe me: bubbly, angelic, fetch



Meet Sachen
(Mastermind of Twitter & Positive Reinforcement Queen)
 I'm Sachen, 18 year-old-college student from Chi-Town, IL. I live for peace, positivity, and self-love. My creativity stems from my cyber grunge hippie friends on a daily basis. Haters are my motivators, but my admirers are my inspirires. Surfin' the web is my cardio.
3 words that describe me: quirky, rare, funkyfresh

We at Alien Outfitters live by this ideology: 

"[We] are best friends who share a cosmic bond. Whether it's reading each other's thoughts or just hanging out counting stars, [we] are friends forever. These planetary pals like to think everyone has that one special friend somewhere in the universe, maybe still waiting to be discovered. Sometimes, they like to put their heads together and transmit their message of friendship throughout the entire cosmos! Listen carefully, you might just hear them."

~Lisa Frank

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