• Self Defense - Hot Pink Pepper Spray
  • Self Defense - Hot Pink Pepper Spray

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Hot Pink Pepper Spray

$ 16.00


Cheetah Keychain Pepper Spray. Includes pink leather case with silver glitter rhinestones and keychain.

This pepper spray is most effective when it makes contact with the assailants eyes, nose, and mouth. Wind and other conditions such as rain may effect the sprays range. Do not spray into the wind if possible, to avoid getting the spray in your own eyes.


  • Up to 6 shots, blasts up to 12 feet!
  • The most effective, non-lethal weapon with proven stopping power 
  • Quick and simple to operate 
  • Causes no long-term effects or permanent damage 
  • Contains identifying dye 
  • Nontoxic & nonflammable 
  • Pure red cayenne pepper spray - 18% OC 
  • Made In USA

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