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UFO Wand

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An exclusive design only available at, handmade in the USA by @rpglassaz :)

Watch the UFO streams light up as they are UV reactive!

• 5 1/2"- 6" insertable. 19-26mm in width 
• Silver and Gold fume 
• lluminati UV green Wrap and rake design. 
• Sparkle leprechaun green windows.
• lluminati UV green marble dome.

They’re made of glass, is that really safe?

Our glass looks beautiful and last forever, they are truly works of art! Don't be ashamed to place a piece on your mantel ;) Since glass is non-porous, unlike many other materials that toys are made of, there’s no place for germs, bacteria and dirt to hide, making them hypoallergenic. Many other materials have been known to cause allergic reactions in people due to the chemical make-up; however, this does not happen with glass. By its very nature of not absorbing any germs or bacteria and as a result of not being made by all kinds of chemicals, glass toys do not deteriorate over time.

What is the Difference Between Glass and Rubber Toys?

There is an endless variety of toys that appeal to every kink and preference you could possibly have. It might seem a little strange and scary: a glass toy? Is that even safe? In a word: yes. In fact, glass offers several benefits that make them appealing to those who crave pleasure and security.

Glass :

Generally made from Pyrex glass--like the cookware--which makes them stand up to extreme temperatures and makes them shatter proof.

Tip* Many toys have that cold, impersonal feel to them, however, glass  warms up to body temperature quickly. If you want to heat it up prior to use, just run it under warm tap water. The reverse is also true if you want your toy cooled by running it under cold tap water for a few minutes. 

Are free of odors and harmful chemicals--if you're sensitive to latex or worried about phthalates, these are the toys for you.

After experiencing such great pleasure from a toy, you don’t want clean up to be a project. Luckily, glass is easy to clean and I mean really easy. You have several options:

Wipe it down with rubbing alcohol, rinse with water and you’re all set. Wash it with warm water and soap in your sink. Put it in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Tip* Whether the glass is thick or thin, glass is a hard, inflexible material, making it perfect for stimulating the G-Spot and Prostate. It’s very difficult to adequately stimulate those special areas with a soft toy that’s going to bend and flex on your every attempt to hit that hot button. As long as you get something curved for that kind of stimulation, you should have no problem.

Care For Your Glass:

Of course, one should always remember that it is made of glass, so there are few tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t make a habit out of dropping it on a hard surface like concrete.
  • Don’t expose it to rapid and extreme temperature changes like very cold to very hot or vice versa.
  • Keep your toy in a padded bag, always keep in that, especially if you have a couple. You really don’t want them always rolling and bumping into each other.